Ten On Tuesday: 10 Favorite Ice Cream Toppings

chocolate sorbet


Today’s topic is a little difficult for me because I stick pretty faithfully to just a few toppings on ice cream, but let’s give it a go anyway.

10 Favorite Ice Cream Toppings

  1. Wet walnuts. These are my absolute favorite.
  2. Hot fudge.
  3. Peanut butter sauce. The top three here are the toppings I stick to almost all the time.
  4. Butterscotch. Though here we’re getting into rarely territory.
  5. Whipped cream. Exceedingly rarely.
  6. Sprinkles. Now and again.
  7. Hard chocolate shell. I do have a weakness for a soft serve vanilla cone with a chocolate shell, but again, not very often at all.
  8. Brownies. Now I’m really reaching and this is more of an undering than a topping.
  9. Pineapple. That one time I had a banana split I remember liking the pineapple. I haven’t ordered it since.
  10. Wet walnuts. I know I said that already but I really do love them and I’ve completely run out of other possibilities.


9 Responses

  1. Oh, the frosty texture on that chocolate ice cream is making me hungry – I could eat it right off the screen, no toppings necessary. Lovely photo!

    • They’re the absolute best. I hate that they come in such tiny little jars when you buy them at the grocery store. I could use up a whole one of those jars on one scoop of ice cream.

    • They’re basically walnuts in syrup. Very delicious, though these days they’re walnuts in corn syrup. I think I need to find a recipe to make them myself from better ingredients.