Ten On Tuesday (On Wednesday): 10 Ways to Beat the Heat

It’s hot. Too damned hot. I hate this hot, humid, sticky weather. Give me cool spring breezes, crisp autumn days, or even the bitter chill of winter. It’s all better than this disgusting, dripping-sweat, feel-like-you-can’t-breathe heat.

10 Ways to Beat the Heat

sun umbrella - re-edited

  1. Air conditioning. Of course this has to be first, because it’s tried and true. On really hot days I stay inside and don’t go out until late in the day.
  2. Make it dark. This goes with the air conditioning. I close all the curtains and blinds so the sun can’t beat in through the windows in the house.
  3. Frozen grapes. One of my favorite summer treats! They really help cool you down.
  4. Washcloth on ice. If we’re out somewhere hot and have a cooler with us, I wet washcloths at home then put them in a zipper bag in the cooler.  One of those on the back of your neck, forehead, or pulse points is like heaven.
  5. Cold water.  If I can’t spend the day in air conditioning, spending the day in water is my choice. Beach, pool, whatever. Lately I even turn the hose on my own legs while I’m out watering the garden because it’s such a relief.
  6. Lightweight clothing. And as little of it as is considered decent by polite society. When I’m hiding at home, that’s pretty little. At home, pants are optional.
  7. Cold dinners. Leftovers that can be eaten cold, salads… anything that requires no cooking and very little prep work.
  8. Icy cold cocktails. Because cocktails make everything better.
  9. Cold non-alcoholic drinks. I drink a lot of water every day, but more when it’s very hot. There’s also almost always a pitcher of iced tea in the fridge. And now… homemade brewed soda.
  10. Wear my hair up. My hair is long right now. Too long. So long I closed it in the car door yesterday. Twice. Any time it touches my neck in this heat I think I’m going to die, so I keep it up and off my neck and that does a lot to cool me down.


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