Ten On Tuesday (On Wednesday): Ten Favorite Summertime Treats

I’m not a huge fan of summer, but I am a pretty big fan of summertime food.

Ten Favorite Summertime Treats

One of summer's lovliest pleasures
1. Tomato sandwiches

red corn
2. Fresh corn

on the grill
3. Fresh lobster on the grill

Peach & Berry Cobbler
4. Fruit cobblers with fresh fruit

grilling clams
5. Grilled clams

Bourbon Cherry Lemonade Sorbet
6. Homemade ice cream and sorbet

Strawberry Shortcake
7. Strawberry shortcake

Frozen Grapes
8. Frozen grapes

9. Fresh herbs, and pesto

Shrimp Boil
10. Low country shrimp boil