“…calling from Windows Technical Department…”

The phone rang this afternoon and the caller ID showed that it was “Missouri” calling. Yes. Missouri. The entire state, I suppose. When I answered on a whim – we don’t usually answer calls from numbers we don’t know around here –  the caller was a gentleman with a very obvious Indian accent who said, haltingly at first, “Hello ma’am, I am calling from the Windows Technical Department about your computer.”

He went on to tell me that my computer has been sending notifications to them and so he was helpfully contacting me to repair my virus-infested computer. At that point I laughed and said, “Yeah, this is a total scam. And it’s just so obvious.” My helpful friend seemed offended. “Ma’am! What makes you say this is a scam?!” he replied. I laughed again and hung up.

I was curious, though. Just what was he going to try to sell me? I Googled for the phrase above, in the title, and I found this article from Ars Technica. That article is from two years ago and this scam is still going on so consider this a public service announcement: if you get a call from “Windows Technical Department,” just hang up. And whatever you do, please, please don’t follow their instructions and give them money.