In Which I Display My Competitive Nature

Ask anyone who ever played a game with Scott and me what the best strategy for beating us is and the answer you’re likely to get is that our opponents don’t need a strategy. We’ll spend so much time trying to beat each other that anyone playing against us just needs to sit back and reap the spoils.

Both of us like to win and each of us likes to win over the other. There are bets over actors in movies or TV shows, card games in which one of us declares that if she *ahem* that person doesn’t win a single game she’s never playing another game ever again, races to see which of us can level up faster in GemStone… if it can be turned into a competition, we will definitely turn it that way. If it can’t be turned into a competition, we’ll still find a way to turn it into one.

And that’s how we ended up here:


What you see above is evidence of an ongoing competition called Who Can Eke the Most Toothpaste Out of the Tube. The contortions to which we each go to get more toothpaste out are ridiculous. The linen closet is five steps away and contains enough fresh tubes of toothpaste to last a full year. We would expend less energy simply walking to the closet and getting a new tube. But to do that would be to admit defeat. To do that would be to concede struggle. To do that would be to lose, and neither of us is willing to lose.

At least we save a few bucks a year on toothpaste.


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