My Husband, Aquaman

Jason Momoa’s audition for Game of Thrones was a Māori war dance. I heard this was what he did, but this is my first chance to see it.

With him playing Aquaman now, it’s time to remind people – SCOTT – that Aquaman does not suck. Not only does he not suck, but he’s my husband.

One of the shows I watched a lot when I was about 5 years old was the old Justice League cartoon. I’m not sure why my young brain fixated on Aquaman then – though maybe it was because one day I knew he’d be played by Jason Momoa – but fixate on him I did. I started having a series of serial dreams about him. Not dreams that repeated; they were serial. Each time I had the dream, the story progressed. In my dream story, I was married to Aquaman and we had adventured under the sea with whales and dolphins and sharks. We lived in a castle under the waves and rode seahorses.

Forty years later, I still remember those dreams with some degree of clarity. They really stuck with me for some reason. Now my husband is going to be portrayed by Jason Momoa and my life feels complete.



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