In Which I Am Susceptible to Suggestion

Ming Tsai is going to tea-smoke his turkey this year. I had to rein myself in hard after hearing that, because I really, really, really want to tea-smoke my turkey now. The only problem is that I’ve never tried smoking before. That’s all that’s holding me back, the knowledge that it’s a bad idea to try something brand new like smoking when I’m serving Thanksgiving.

It took a while to pull myself together, though. I’ll test it first, I thought. Yeah, because I have so much free time in the next two weeks. It was only by promising my brain I would make tea-smoked duck breasts in the next 30 days that I was able to once again wrest control away from the part of me that decides to jump into things without warning. (That’s the side of me that does things like start a business selling handmade soap when I’ve never made soap before.)

If the duck breast works out, next year there could very well be tea-smoked turkey for Thanksgiving. As long as nothing else crowds out all common sense.