Lavender in the front garden bed.
Lavender in the front garden bed.

The world is a scary place now. Violence and hatred seem all around, and it’s easy to choose to give in to the fear and the hatred. Or, as a very dear friend so beautifully put it yesterday, you can choose love. I choose love, and I choose to make my own little part of the world as beautiful and full of love as I can. Yesterday, I spent the day with beloved friends. We walked in a garden. We chatted and shared. We ate together and laughed. We made our part of the world beautiful, for ourselves and each other.

Today, I spent time working in my garden. I planted gentian and yarrow, chamomile and lime thyme, delphiniums, rue, and wooly lamb’s ear. As I worked, I spent time leaning over the lavender. Its flowers tickled my cheeks and bees buzzed around me, unafraid. They went about their work of pollinating the lavender as I went about my work of planting new things for them to eventually discover. Even now, as I sit at my desk writing this, my arms still smell of lavender.

I smiled and waved at neighbors, who smiled and waved back. I exchanged greetings with passersby and the mail carrier. When I finished my planting, I sat on the front steps with the hose to give all the new plants a good, long drink. Little bird hopped near to see what I was doing. They decided to take an impromptu bath in the water pooling on the front walk.

For that hour-and-a-half that I worked outside, my little part of the world was perfect. It was happy and bright and in harmony. Some days that’s the best you can do, just keep your own part of the world in order.