Satori and the Yogurt

When Goblin was a kitten and young cat, I used to feed him bits and pieces of whatever I was preparing in the kitchen. Little bits of bread here, a piece of a slice of cheese or turkey there. That was how Goblin got so fat that he had eye fat. His cheeks were so pudgy they pushed up into his eyes. After years of this, Scott finally figured out what I was doing and put an end to it for Goblin’s health. It was just so hard for me to say no to Goblin when he begged for cheese, but Scott really laid the law down about it and Goblin went on a diet and exercise program to slim down.

Xena and Joxer never really cared about people food, so there was no temptation with them, though Xena likes people food more now. Satori, however, is a little eating machine. She wants to try everything. For the most part, I don’t give in to her because I’m a good cat mama and I know it’s not good for her. The one exception is yogurt. She knows when I make it and the smell of it when it finishes incubating makes her crazy. It turns out that yogurt is actually good for cats, so every day after I eat some yogurt, I leave a little of it – plain – in the bottom of the bowl and let her eat it. She thinks it’s the greatest thing the world has ever offered her. After licking the porcelain off the bowl, she sits in front of the kitchen radiator and has a very smug and satisfied bath.

Yogurt. It makes her happy. Cats are awesome little weirdos.