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Xena’s Morning Routine

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Every morning around this time, Xena comes into the office after finishing up some Xena stuff around the house. She’s headed into the bedroom to spend the day getting in some hardcore napping on the bed, but before she does that, she always makes a stop in here and jumps into my lap. She plants herself and pushes my keyboard drawer out of the way so that my only option is to wrap my arms around her and hug her. She purrs. I hug. For a few minutes, I can’t do anything else. She forces me to stop everything and be present in that moment. It’s a great part of my day.

(Semi-)Daily Gratitude #14

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With the way the economy is looking right now, I’m so very grateful that Scott has a job and that I have work. Work for me has been down a bit, because it’s down for my clients, but I have a couple of bread and butter clients who help get me through.

And as for Scott’s job, it appears to be stable, which is a huge relief. The firm has been making cuts here and there, but not many to staffing. They’re even still giving bonuses this year, which is great, because we expected to hear that bonuses were cancelled. The cuts have taken the form of things like no holiday parties, which saved them several million.

So I’m grateful that, even though things are tight, we’re doing alright, which is more than many others can say.

(Semi-)Daily Gratitude #13

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Today I’m really grateful for my mother. When I called her after my doctor appointment last week and told her that the surgery date was set, she asked if I wanted her to come up for the surgery. I asked, “Do you want to come?” And she replied, “It’s up to you, but if you want your mommy there, you’ll have your mommy there.”

And yeah, I really do want my mommy there. Even at nearly 39 years old, when I’m sick or hurt, I still want my mother. So she’s coming up on the 16th and will stay with us that night, then stay in a hotel near the hospital for a couple of days.

I’m really glad she’s coming, and so is Scott, who remembers how her presence during my first surgery helped keep him sane while they sat for 7 hours and waited for news. Hopefully they won’t be sitting with no news for that long this time, but if they are, it’s nice to know they’ll have each other to help keep calm during that time.

And even nicer to know that she’ll be there when I wake up in recovery.

(Semi-)Daily Gratitude #12

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Hey! Two days in a row! If I’m not careful, these may become not so semi anymore.

Today I’m grateful to be part of an incredible online community. I’ve been part of a certain Grateful Dead related message board for some years now, and a lot of the people there have become good friends in real life. I even found a husband for that kindred spirit on this message board. I get frustrated and annoyed with people there sometimes, especially during this campaign season, but then something always happens that makes me remember that there are some very fine people there, and that we really are a community.

One of our community has a very sick sister. She thought her sister was going to die, but she pulled through and is now facing a long recovery. Since her sister’s illness began last week, P. has been trying to get together money for a plane ticket to go see her, and worrying about lost wages while she’s away. Today, the community pulled together and a whole lot of us chipped ina little bit to help cover P.’s plane ticket and some of what she’ll lose by not working for a few days. No one had to donate a lot; many people donating a little made a difference.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, either. When someone’s in trouble, the community circles the wagons and helps make it a little bit better. I love that, and I’m grateful to be a part of it.