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H Is for Hank

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I’m so far behind on the ABC-Along that it’s ridiculous. I think they’re on M or N now, and here I am posting an H. But what an H he is!

We went out to NJ on the 4th for a BBQ with friends at their wonderful new house and for a visit with Hank, the most adorable dog in the world. I’m not even biased. I mean, look at him.

Hank definitely deserves pride of place as my H.

Now to find an I. And a J. After that, I have it plotted out for a while.

G Is for GEnie

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G Is for GEnie, and GemStone

Sometime in 1993 or late 1992, one of my housemates, John, in the Hippie Hut – aka then and now as “the Norwood house” – got onto an online service called GEnie. He wanted to be on GEnie specifically, as opposed to Compuserve or whatever else was around back then, because he wanted to play Battletech and GEnie had it. We’re talking the way early days of online gaming, and GEnie was the place to be. I used to watch over his shoulder when he played and chat with the guys – because they were all guys – he chatted with.

G Is for GEnie, and GemStone

After a while on GEnie, John discovered a text-based RPG call GemStone, and G is definitely for GemStone. It was when he started playing GS that I decided that I really wanted to get online, because I really wanted to play. So sometime in 1994, I rolled up my first GemStone character. Her name was Rhiana and she didn’t last long. Later that year, I rolled up my bard, Warble Singsong – go ahead, make fun of the name – and she still exists to this day.

It was because of Warble and my time in GS that I reached two of the most significant turning points in my life. First was that I met Scott there. It’s kind of funny, because John’s character got married in game, and Kyrion (aka Scott) and Warble were the best man and maid of honor at the wedding. That was where we met, and it still makes me laugh that the real world cliche of a best man and maid of honor getting together took this crazy virtual world twist for me and Scott. Our characters became pretty good friends after that meeting, and we did quite a bit of chatting as Kim and Scott, too. Eventually we met in person and the rest is history.

The second turning point was that it was because of GemStone that I became a Web developer. I made a friend in game who liked me so much that she hired me as her assistant for a gaming site she was launing. She was a mentor to me, teaching me about project management and HTML. Though the Game Grotto – two more G’s – had its plug pulled after just a year or so, that was the beginning of a career path for me.

So I owe my marriage and my work to a game. Hey, that’s another G.

F Is for Family

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And this is mine:

The whole damn family

This photo was taken a few years ago at my Great-Aunt Migs’ 75th birthday party, and represents the entire maternal side of my family. The only surviving person missing from this photo is my Great-Aunt Kate, who estranged herself from the family some years ago for reasons I don’t understand.

The back row, from the left: my mom’s husband Denny, me, my mom holding my cousin Darrin’s daughter (who’s name I don’t recall),  Aunt Migs holding my cousin Darrin’s son (who’s name I also don’t recall), Aunt Melissa, cousin Michael
The front row, from the left: Scott, my brother Alex (known around here as the Punk Ass Kid sometimes, even though he’ll be 26 in a month), cousin Denise, her husband Glen, cousin Darrin, his wife Dawn

We used to be a much more tightly knit family than we are these days. I know my mother speaks to Aunt Migs once in a while, but I really only speak to my immediate family. Denise and I were close as kids, but don’t talk at all now. It’s kind of sad, to have such a big extended family and not really be in touch with any of them.