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In Which I List Things I Will Not Miss When We Move

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  • Having people who come to the door knock on the windows in the front of the house instead of ringing the bell.
  • Likewise, and even worse, having people yell through the front windows instead of ringing the bell.
  • Late night drunken people yelling outside at 3am on a Tuesday.
  • Hordes of teenagers – also drunk – partying on the corner every night all summer long.
  • Fighting and yelling of obscenities by same said hordes.
  • The Old Man starting his lawnmower right outside our bedroom window at 8am on a Saturday.
  • Leaving same lawnmower running right outside the open bedroom window, forcing us out of bed lest we drift off into that sweet, final sleep known as carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Field Trip Season in the park, which should be gearing up right around the time we move.
  • The shower that never keeps the same temperature for more than 15 seconds at a time, turning a 5-minute shower into a 20-minute shower with all that additional time needed to constantly adjust the temperature.
  • The Pay Phone Show.
  • The lack of storage.
  • How people stare at me as they walk by while I do dishes in front of the kitchen window that’s, you know, over the sink.
  • How the kitchen table is the launching point for cats to get to the island.
  • Constantly worrying about someone dinging my car, or worse, because it’s parked on the street.
  • Never being in control of the heat in the winter, and subsequently being boiled or frozen depending on someone else’s whim.
  • The yellow bathroom tile. And the blue bathroom fixtures.
  • Having only one bathroom. You may think one bathroom is enough for two people. It is not.
  • Worrying about disturbing someone else if we’re being loud late at night.
  • Creepy Guy wandering around outside the living room window cursing and talking to himself, and yelling, “BOOM!”
  • The Old Man carrying on loud conversations outside our open bedroom window at 7:15 on a Sunday morning.

I’m sure this isn’t a complete list, merely a starting point. Up next: things I will miss when we move.

In Which I Reveal That I Am A Glutton For Punishment

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Earlier this week, I got a song I hate stuck in my head. When Scott got home from work that evening, I insisted upon regaling him with how much I hate this song and how annoying it is that I can’t stop hearing it. Ever a glutton for punishment himself, he asked what the song was.

As I opened my mouth to tell him, it was gone. Just like that. Gone. I had no idea what song it was and it was no longer hounding me.

What a relief, right? What a win! Suddenly and unexpectedly, I was free!

Beacause I’m me, though, as soon as I couldn’t remember the song, it started driving me crazy that I couldn’t remember the song. Gentle reader, I actually turned to the intertubes and Googled what I could remember of that song, so that I could remember what it was.

Result? It’s now days later and I still haven’t managed to get the damn thing out of my head.

In case you’re wondering, the song is Phil Collins’ Against All Odds. You’re welcome.

Oh goody…

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…it’s Mother’s Day again. Yay.

Mother’s Day has actually gotten a bit easier for me over the years. Probably because my own mother lives so far away, which allows me to make a phone call and say “happy mother’s day” once, then chat about anything else. If we had to go do the big Mother’s Day brunch thing every year, with all those happy moms and their beautiful infants and children, I imagine it would be a lot more difficult to handle.

This year, Scott and I are either going hiking or heading out to the wilds of New Jersey so Scott can train a friend on some advanced Excel stuff. (One of those things is happening Saturday, but I can’t remember which.)¬†Either way, we’ll be somewhere I can forget what day it is.