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Ten On Tuesday

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This week’s Ten On Tuesday theme is 10 Things You Want But Can’t Afford, but I agree with Carole that this is a depressing theme. We’re kind of broke right now, so I’m trying to think about what we have and not what we don’t. The latter is a great big list, but the former is a pretty big list on its own. Broke or not, we’re pretty fortunate around here, so I don’t want to dwell on material goods* that I lust after.

So instead, I’m following Carole’s lead and going, instead, with a theme of 10 Things You Love About Fall:

  1. The crisp weather and chill breezes. I dream about this all through the summer heat.
  2. The glorious colors.
  3. The whirr of wings as geese fly overhead while taking a walk at dusk. It always makes me stop to watch them fly by.
  4. Samhain, which is my second favorite holiday after Mabon.
  5. Apple picking.
  6. The beginning of soup and stew season.
  7. Autumn veggies like butternut squash and broccoli and brussels sprouts.
  8. Pumpkin picking and carving.
  9. The endless amusement I get watching the cats as the wind blows the leaves around outside and they try to leap at them through the window.
  10. The bginning of knits season.

* The number 1 thing on a list of that theme would actually have been unlimited IVF attempts and number two would have been donor eggs, but the rest would have been material things.

Seasons Change (Gonna Happen Every Time)

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I decided to put up the new Project Spectrum design a day early. That summer/fire design never did it for me and I actually hated visiting my own Web site as a result. I find this one more to my taste.

The photo in the header is one I took last November on a photo walk through Rockefeller Preserve. I’d just gotten my Nikon, and I still love the photos I took that day, even though I was still learning how to use the camera. I thought it was a perfect fit for this phase of Project Spectrum, because not only does it show autumn, but also water and the blue sky. Here’s another shot from that day:

It’s a relief to me to be moving into the autumn phase of Project Spectrum, much as it’s a relief to me to be moving into autumn itself. This has always been my favorite time of year. Scott has a theory that people love best the season in which they were born, and for the two of us, that certainly holds true.

Many people see autumn as a time of endings, but to me this time of year seems so full of promise and hope. Maybe it’s the connotations with back-to-school time that were imbedded so deeply in me as a child, but I think it’s mostly because I see this blaze of glory, this last great party of Mother Nature in a riot of color and harvest, and it makes me think about the wheel of life and how what looks like death leads to new beginnings. (There’s a reason the Pagan year begins on November 1, after all.) All I know for sure is that autumn makes me feel more creative than any other time of year.

Not to mention, it’s the beginning to knits season.

I think this year I’ll do a big feast for Mabon. It’s my favorite hoiday, and I love autumn’s food, with its apples and nuts and pork and wine and yumminess. And now my stomach is rumbling just thinking about it, so I need to get some lunch and start the week’s bread-baking.