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Pumpkin Beer-Battered Apple Fritters – Batch One

Published / by Kim

10.9.2013 beer battered apples batch one

A couple of weeks ago I got the idea that I wanted to make beer-battered apples. I’ve never beer-battered anything before so I had no idea how easy it is. A little research showed this isn’t even an original idea, but I didn’t know that when I thought of it, so I’m claiming it as original anyway.

Once I understood how simple beer batter is I decided to make this an experiment. I’ll use four pumpkin ales to make four batches of apple fritters and I’ll prepare the apples for the batter a different way each time. The basic batter recipe I’m using is one-and-a-half cups of flour to one 12-ounce bottle of beer.  Preparation is as easy as dumping the flour into a bowl, adding the beer, and whisking them together. Done.

For batch one, I used River Horse Hipp-O-Lantern Imperial Pumpkin Ale. River Horse is a NJ brewery and I’m not sure what their availability is out-of-state, but it’s worth trying a bottle if you happen to see it and are a fan of pumpkin beer. With its heavy spice notes and creamy flavor, it was a really good choice for this experiment. As is often the case with pumpkin beer, the aroma of pumpkin is much stronger than the actual taste of pumpkin. The spice is what really comes through in the flavor.

I prepared the apples by cutting them into match sticks and tossing them with sugar before adding them to the batter. Nothing fancy here at all. I dropped them into the hot oil to make little haystacks.

For a first try, these were pretty good. Frying isn’t normally part of my kitchen repertoire so this will be a learn as I go kind of thing. I dropped the fritters into the oil when it hit 350°, but I think 375° would be better next time. The fritters fried for 2-3 minutes on each side, but I think that was a little too short. Maybe 4 minutes a side for next time in order to get some deeper color on the crust.

Even considering the learning curve, they came out really tasty. The apples were perfectly soft and sweet, the crust was crisp, and the pumpkin pie spice of the ale added subtle flavor. I wasn’t a big fan of the haystack form, though. That turned out to not be a winning strategy. Overall, though, a very good first attempt.

Next time: chopped apples and Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale.

Morning Morning Mishmash

Published / by Kim
  • Scott joyfully discovered yesterday that many of the early seeds we sowed in the spring garden bed are sprouting above the soil line. It was unseasonably cold here for a while so things took longer than expected to get started, so I hope we’re on track now.
  • Speaking of the garden, Saturday we spent the afternoon building a varmint cage around raised bed number one because things were starting to dig in the soil. So far, so good, though it’s only been two days.
  • Last night’s Game of Thrones premier was solid, I thought. A lot of reminding us what’s going on with everyone and getting characters set up for the things that are going to happen to them this season. I can’t wait for next weekend’s episode!
  • I spent a little time on Friday driving around looking for Ommegang’s Iron Throne Blond Ale, with no luck. We tried to get a growler of it on Saturday to have for the premier, but it was kicked by the time we got to the bar for a fill. Hopefully the next release goes a little more widely and we can find a bottle or two.
  • All wasn’t lost, however, as we got to spend time with a friend drinking and eating poutine when we went for that growler fill. Great way to pass a Saturday after working in the garden.
  • Sunday was mostly spent sacked out on the couch watching the Game of Thrones marathon and preparing for the premier. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday, really.
  • Since they were out of the Ommegang and had the growler sitting right there, we ended up with a growler full of Kane Overhead Imperial IPA. It’s pretty tasty.
  • Tuesday, Scott is taking a half day at work and we’re going to see the Game of Thrones exhibition in midtown. I can’t wait to sit on the iron throne.

So that’s about everything going on. It’s all Game of Thrones and gardening these days.

B Is for Beer

Published / by Kim

I’ve been wanting to post this for a while now, but the problem has been that I’m not drinking much beer lately so I haven’t had anything to photograph. To paraphrase the Grateful Dead, I’ve been living on Perc, Sennakot pills, and Colase. The Percocets don’t play nicely with beer. But now I’m only taking 2 Percocets a day, so I can enjoy a beer now and again.

We drink a lot of beer around here. Neither Scott nor I is particularly knowledgeable about beer, but we know what we like and we’re willing to experiment.

This is how I feel about wine, too. But wine has taken a back seat to the beer over the past year. Maybe it’s because beer seems less fussy, but these days I’ll opt for a beer with dinner instead of a glass of wine.

Shown in this photo is a Tröegs Nugget Nectar, one of Scott’s recent finds. I love its hoppy bitterness, and it’s become one of my favorites.

Real Beer Sold Here

Published / by Kim

Our local beer guy keeps several kegs tapped in the warehouse. We bring in our growler and he fills it, then we go home and drink the yumminess.

This is a nearly empty growler of Southern Tier Harest Ale, which is so wonderful and delicious that I wish we’d bought two or three cases of it to stash away while it was still available. But we didn’t, and now I’m sad because I have to wait until next year to drink it again.