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Garden Diary: April 11, 2104

Published / by Kim

April 10, 2014 — inside:

  • Finished transplanting all the hillbilly potato leaf seedlings to larger pots. The one I transplanted first a few days earlier is noticeably larger.
  • Really need to get the other seedlings transplanted.
  • Also need to start a second round of basil seeds

April 11, 2014 — outside:

  • It seems like it took a long time, but the radishes, lettuce, and peas are finally poking their heads above ground.
  • No sign of carrot seedlings yet.
  • The peas look like they’ll be bursting forth any day now.
  • I’ve been hand-watering every other day.

Garden Diary: April 2, 2104

Published / by Kim

March 31, 2014 — inside:

  • transplanted one hillbilly tomato plant to larger pot, to see how it would do; used fertilizer in transplant hole

April 2, 2014 — outside:

  • crocuses continue to pop up and bloom
  • cowslips look like they were getting tiny green leaves, but they don’t seem to be growing or doing very well
  • daffodil shoots are growing
  • bleeding hearts are sending out shoots
  • one of the heucheras in front is growing small, new leaves

In far side raised bed, direct sowed:

  • dwarf grey snap and Amish snap peas, 2 squares of each; accidentally planted 16 to a square instead of 8, so will need to be aggressive in thinning
  • Danvers carrots
  • Paris market carrots; end of the packet
  • radishes: French breakfast, plum purple, watermelon, and selzer purple
  • turnips, 2 squares
  • chard, 2 squares

In long planters for deck:

  • several varieties of lettuce, many plants-worth

Harvesting the End of Winter

Published / by Kim

This afternoon I wandered around my tiny yards, both front and back, looking for signs of spring. Although there are still small piles of snow here and there, and although it may snow again tonight or tomorrow, the signs that the wheel is turning to spring are everywhere. In the front yard, the crocuses are poking the first of their dark green foliage out of the ground, noticeable because they’re the only spots of green in otherwise unrelenting brown. In the back, the daffodils are doing the same, but what truly delighted me was discovering the tiny, bright green leaves of the cowslips I planted last year. I worried they wouldn’t come back this year, but it turns out I worried for nothing. I can’t wait to see their graceful yellow flowers blooming this spring.

Two handfuls of Paris market carrots that survived the winter.

Two handfuls of Paris market carrots that survived the winter.

I also rummaged around in the vegetable garden and pulled out two handfuls of Paris market carrots that made it through the winter. Though my larder is kept fully stocked all year long and I don’t have to rely on what I grow in the summer to see me through winter, there’s something about harvesting the end of last year’s garden in the tail end of winter that makes me feel connected to the past. Today I’ll roast these little jewels with some olive oil and sea salt, and celebrate making it through another winter with spring just in sight.