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Garden Diary: April 2, 2104

Published / by Kim

March 31, 2014 — inside:

  • transplanted one hillbilly tomato plant to larger pot, to see how it would do; used fertilizer in transplant hole

April 2, 2014 — outside:

  • crocuses continue to pop up and bloom
  • cowslips look like they were getting tiny green leaves, but they don’t seem to be growing or doing very well
  • daffodil shoots are growing
  • bleeding hearts are sending out shoots
  • one of the heucheras in front is growing small, new leaves

In far side raised bed, direct sowed:

  • dwarf grey snap and Amish snap peas, 2 squares of each; accidentally planted 16 to a square instead of 8, so will need to be aggressive in thinning
  • Danvers carrots
  • Paris market carrots; end of the packet
  • radishes: French breakfast, plum purple, watermelon, and selzer purple
  • turnips, 2 squares
  • chard, 2 squares

In long planters for deck:

  • several varieties of lettuce, many plants-worth