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The Demon Containment System

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One night last week – it was either Wednesday or Thursday – I was sitting at my desk and Scott was sitting at his, when I suddenly smelled cat pee very strongly. I asked Scott to check the bathroom floor to see if Demon did his evening piss on the floor, but there was no puddle. I couldn’t believe it, since the smell was so strong. Scott scooped, thinking maybe the smell was coming from the litterboxes, but it didn’t help the smell go away.

An hour or so later, I noticed Goblin sniffing around my file cabinet, behind my desk. He that that “my mouth is frozen open in disgust at what I’m smelling” look that cats get. I knew immediately what he was sniffing, and went to check with a sinking feeling in my gut. Yes, the reason the pee smell was so strong for me at my desk was that Demon pissed all over my file cabinet. And my shredder. And the hardwood floor. That was his punishment for us trying to make him go in the litterbox.

That’s what it’s devolved into around here. He pees on the bathroom floor, twice a day, every day. Morning and evening. And we try desperately to catch him before he does and get him to go in the litterbox. Sometimes that works. If we get to him before he goes into the bathroom and put him into the litterbox, he’ll do his thing in there and then everyone is happy. Most of the time, though, we’re cleaning up puddles.
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So much for that experiment

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The sad little Demon
The sad little Demon
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Yeah, so the outdoor thing? Doesn’t work so well.

Remember this? Well, it turns out he got into a fight with another cat that night. And the other cat bit him. The bite wasn’t noticeable under his fur, and it abscessed and became infected. This caused a lump on his side, which I noticed last week, but since he allowed me to poke and prod at it I resolved to keep an eye on it and just wait and see if it was anything . I still didn’t know it was an abscess at that point, and when the swelling was way down the next day, I figured all was well.

That was Wednesday. On Friday, he either ripped open the abscess or it opened on its own, because he had a big, gaping hole in his side. That evening we took him to the emergency vet, who explained to us about the cat bite and abscess and infection. She thought she would be able to just clean the wound and let it go, but it was deep enough that she said she could see muscle through one of the holes. That meant he needed a drain. So he stayed at the vet overnight on Friday and had the drain put in.

On Saturday, after we picked him up, there followed what I think was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.
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