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E Is for Eggs

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Is there a more versatile food than the egg? You can use it to prepare any meal of the day, and it can be fancy or plain. Anything from a quick dinner of scrambled eggs to a fancy brunch with quiche to a quick and dirty fried egg (particularly yummy if you calorie-plurge and fry it in bacon fat after cooking a couple slices of bacon).

Eggs are definitely a staple food around here, and we usually eat omelets for dinner once a week or so. Recently, thanks to Everyday Food, I discovered a new favorite way to serve eggs for dinner: Baked Eggs in Tomato-Parmesan Sauce. We tried this for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and it will definitely be staying in my repertoire.

E is for Emeralds (and Ear Piercings)

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Late again. Story of my life.

These are the emerald earrings my paternal grandmother brought back for me from a trip to Italy. They’re small, and dainty, and suitable for a little girl. I have no idea what sort of monetary value they may have – I suspect not very much – but to me, they’re priceless, because they’re the only thing I have left of a grandmother who was very good to me.

I never did get to wear them very often, because when I was little, my ears weren’t pierced. I remember begging and pleading with my mother to allow me to get it done, but she always said I was too young. Finally, when I was around 7 or 8, I think, either I wore her down with my constant whining or she, at last, deemed me “old enough.”

So down to the mall we went, me nearly sick with excitement. We got to the jewelry shop where they did ear piercings, and I picked out what was to be my very first pair of stud earrings. I have no idea what I chose; probably just plain gold studs. I remember my mother being a stickler about them being gold, so I wouldn’t have an allergic reaction to them.

Studs chosen, I settled into the chair, full of anticipation and ready. That was when I saw the needle. A giant needle! The thing was huge!

That was it for me. I panicked. I jumped out of the chair and ran out into the mall. I have no idea how long I hid before my mother finally found me.

And that was the end of me begging to get my ears pierced.

I finally did it when I was around 12. By then, they were using piercing guns, which were a lot less frightening than the needle. (Though, everyone tells me the needle actually hurts less.) Once my ears were pierced, I wore these earrings a few times, but by then I was a teenager and a Deadhead and I started wearing beaded earrings and feathered earrings and these little emeralds seemed too childish.

On rare occasions, I’ve worn them as an adult. But I really think they’re best suited to little girls. I hope till my hoper is strained that I’ll have a little girl or granddaughter of my own one day, so I can pass them down.