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(Semi-)Daily Gratitude #14

Published / by Kim

With the way the economy is looking right now, I’m so very grateful that Scott has a job and that I have work. Work for me has been down a bit, because it’s down for my clients, but I have a couple of bread and butter clients who help get me through.

And as for Scott’s job, it appears to be stable, which is a huge relief. The firm has been making cuts here and there, but not many to staffing. They’re even still giving bonuses this year, which is great, because we expected to hear that bonuses were cancelled. The cuts have taken the form of things like no holiday parties, which saved them several million.

So I’m grateful that, even though things are tight, we’re doing alright, which is more than many others can say.

(Semi-)Daily Gratitude #7

Published / by Kim / 1 Comment on (Semi-)Daily Gratitude #7

Today I’m grateful that I live in a city with a great public transportation system.

While we’re definitely feeling the pinch of the economy these days – groceries are crazy expensive, our rent went up 10% this year, our electricity bill gets higher all the time – one area where we haven’t felt it very keenly is with gas. The reason for that is that Scott takes the subway to work and I work at home. So while it hurt when we hit our first $40 fill-up – small car, small tank – it doesn’t hurt so badly since we only have to do that every 2 weeks or so.