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How to Medicate Your Nazi Housemate

Published / by Kim

Back when I lived with the Nazi, it was fortunate that someone discovered early on how to deal with her when she got out of control. She would sometimes have these fits, where she’d start screaming and freaking out at people and nothing could calm her down. I don’t remember who it was who figured it out, but somehow we learned that high doses of sugar would calm her down when she got into a frothing, saliva-flecked rage. It turned off the rant like a light switch. We started keeping boxes of those Freezie pops in the freezer. You know those tubes of brightly colored liquid sugar? Those. Everyone bought boxes of those things every time they went grocery shopping; we were terrified to run out of them. When P started into full on rant mode, someone would run to the kitchen and get a couple. Whoever felt safest getting close to her would hand them to her. As soon as that frozen, corn syrupy goodness hit her brain, she relaxed.

It’s amazing what you can adapt to in your living situation and think of as normal.

I Hate New Jersey Nazis

Published / by Kim

Note: This is a repost from 2003, slightly edited, continued from here.

So, you would think that after the “White Power” incident, we would have tossed P out on her ass. But no, we didn’t. We figured she wouldn’t want to live with us for very long, anyway, since whenever anyone had a discussion with her, it turned into an argument. Her philosophies – as much as she had her own, since she was really just a dupe – were so diametrically opposed to everyone else’s in the house, we thought she would want to leave. We were wrong. She outlasted most of us.

She particularly didn’t like me, because of my Paganism. She was Irish Catholic and believed I should burn in hell for not being Catholic. When I pointed out to her that Hitler wasn’t particularly fond of Catholics, she was left in something of a quandary. She seriously considered leaving the Catholic church as a result, but she never did. I don’t believe she ever reconciled her Catholic faith with her inherent Nazism. I think she just decided it was easier to keep things as they were.

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