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Flutterings #13

Published / by Kim

Yes, I am aware of what yesterday was. No, I didn’t post anything about it. Why? Because I think this yearly ripping off of the scab is damaging to our national psyche. Not to mention, I don’t like what that horrible day has been made to symbolize by our government. And that’s all I have to say about that.

At my check in at the clinic today, I still had four follicles. Four. All pretty much the same size they were last week, maybe a millimeter or two smaller, which basically amounts to the same size. Since there were five last week, that means that one of them did go away, but that’s not good enough. This means, of course, more. Fucking. Lupron. It’s been nearly five weeks of Lupron already. If this doesn’t resolve by next week, this cycle will be cancelled.

Demon seems a bit better today. He still hasn’t pooped, but I caught him in the kitchen sink drinking from a bowl – and ignoring the two bowls of fresh water on the floor and the one bowl of fresh water on the island – so I turned on the bathroom sink faucet to let him drink from there. He did, and a nice long drink it was, indeed. He’s also a lot less needy and clingy than he’s been for the past few days, which is a good sign.

Something really disgusting I saw today: a really fat 6- or 7-year-old in a ride-on, battery powered Hummer. Not that the kid disgusted me, but seeing a very fat child in a $400 toy modeled on a gas-guzzling behemoth struck me as being perfectly representative of every single thing that’s wrong with Amercia, all rolled into one package.

Finally Getting Somewhere

Published / by Kim

Those 5 follicles? Still there. I was so frustrated at today’s monitoring that I nearly cried. Can’t my body do ANYTHING right?

But the good news is that my E2, which was 290 last week, had a significant drop this week. It’s down to 89. The NP says that, with a drop like that, the follicles should soon start shrinking. So, another week of Lupron at 20 IU.

One interesting item of note came up while I was expressing my frustration. The NP said something like, “I don’t know what it is with the Lupron lately…” and then told me that she actually called the drug company – the one that does the generic Leuprolide – and asked if they had a bad batch or if there was a recall, because she’s been noticing lately that a lot of women in their practice aren’t being suppressed recently. They said no, but it does seem odd, no? For the past couple of days, I’ve been on a new vial from a different pharmacy, so who knows. Maybe that will make a difference. All I know is I’m glad to be finally going in the right direction.

Stuck In Neutral

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That’s how I feel, like I’m stuck in neutral with this cycle. After 17 days of Lupron – 10 days at 10 units a day and 7 days at 20 units a day – my u/s yesterday not only still showed the 5 follicles from last week, but they were bigger. The one that was at 2.2cm last week was at 2.86cm yesterday. My E2 came back at 290. I’m not sure what number they’re looking for, but I do know that 290 is high.

It’s really frustrating me.

The current plan is to keep on what we’re doing. I stay at 20 units for another week and go back to be checked next Wednesday.
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