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That Went Better Than I Expected

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I know, I know. You came by yesterday to find a post about Old Man and Weird Man, and left wondering, “What the hell? Wasn’t her transfer today?”

It was, but I had nothing to say about it before, when I wrote about the Old Man, and afterward, I was confined to the couch for the rest of the day. I’ll be back there today and tomorrow, too.

The transfer went well. We ended up with one, perfect grade 1 embryo and a second, slightly less perfect grade 1.5 embryo, with just a little fragmentation. We transferred both, and now we wait. We’re calling them peanut butter and jelly, to encourage stickiness.

I’m a little concerned, because I have a cold and I’ve been coughing. I’m not allowed to take anything except plain Robitussin, which I don’t think works very well, and Tylenol for my sore throat. So I’m perfectly miserable. I forgot how awful a plain old cold can be when you can’t take something to get rid of the congestion. It sucks. I told Scott that, if this pregnancy happens, for the rest of it, he’s banished to the guest room if he gets the shadow of a sniffle. I’m not going through this again.

But the coughing is what oncerns me. I’m worried that so much use of my abdominal muscles in the coughing has shaken peanut butter and jelly loose. I hope not, and I’m trying to minimize the coughing, but this cold started its worst period yesterday morning. Great timing, huh?

Sunday Morning News

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The embryologist called pretty early this morning, comparatively speaking. He called around 9:45 while I was putting groceries away. So early that I didn’t even have time to start my waiting-for-the-embryologist-to-call freak out.

Today’s news is good. Really good. First, the not as good news.

The four partially mature are beyond redemption at this point, so we’re writing those off. The third mature one finally started dividing, but it’s only 2 cells. They like to see embryos be 5-8 cells by now, so this one’s lagging pretty far behind.

Now, the good part! The other two are doing great. One is at 8 cells, and he said the other had so many cells, he couldn’t even count them all. So those two are really taking off.

Transfer is set for tomorrow morning at 11:30.

Pre-Transfer Checklist

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  • Color my hair, because hopefully it will be a long time before it’s okay to do that again.
  • Drink my last glass of wine.
  • Maybe eat sushi.
  • Finish all the laundry, which is completely out of control, but must be done before the Boy’s visit next week. Since I won’t be able to lift and carry on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, it has to be done by tomorrow night.
  • Clean, though sparingly, for the Boy’s visit, and get his room made up.
  • Panic.
  • Knit, to control the panic.

Today’s Report

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First, I want to say thank you to everyone for their very supportive words yesterday. I’m still a wreck, but finding my way back to hope.

Unfortunately, today’s report is only slightly encouraging.

One of the 3 embryos hasn’t started dividing, but the other 2 are dividing well. They’re still keeping an eye on the third, and also on the 4 partially mature ones, but it’s pretty slim that any of those will pan out.

I’m scheduled for a day 4 transfer on Monday at 11:30. They’ll call with another report tomorrow, and hopefully the remaining 2 embryos will make it long enough to transfer on Monday.

You want to know something weird? The thing giving me the most hope right now is that my first cycle was so good. Even being so good, it didn’t result in pregnancy. So, maybe, possibly, with this cycle going down the tubes, the outcome will end up good.