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Published / by Kim

Some years ago, Scott and I were lamenting our lack of money and looking around our apartment. One of us asked how we could make so much more money than we did years earlier and still be so broke, still have nothing. The other one replied, “Yeah, but it’s a higher quality of nothing.”

Since then that’s been a running joke every time we compare our present life with our life from years ago. We still have nothing, but it’s a higher quality of nothing. Recent developments, of course, have led us to actually have something. It’s still a constant striving, though, to go from a higher quality of nothing to something. A work in progress which is progressing slowly.

Tweet, Tweet :: 2009-09-18

Published / by Kim
  • This is less than 3 miles away from Bearsville: http://bit.ly/12o1Xe #
  • That seems tailor made for hobos, you think? But no real info about the rooms or rates. #
  • Alright, enough dreaming about Woodstock for now. Time to get some work done. #
  • Just finished monthly billing. Always a good day. #
  • Mmm. Onions and garlic sweating in olive oil. Dinner started at 4:45. What could I possibly be making? #
  • The previous tweet was brought to you by the Make Scott's Stomach Start Growling At Work Foundation. #
  • Gravy is simmering. House smells incredible. Time for some knitting #
  • There's a band playing a Stray Cats song in the park. #

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Tweet, Tweet :: 2009-09-17

Published / by Kim
  • I actually get to do a little programming today. Yay! It won't be a day of "add this photo" and "fix this text." #
  • I really hate Web sites that use a black sheet. #
  • RT @sabrinafaire: I am wondering "Who's Nick and it's his birthday?" and it's a fucking Jonas brother jeezus people what's wrong with you? #
  • Lunch, then back to this registration page update. #
  • This email verification system would be a lot easier if I'd commented my code better 7 years ago. #
  • I'm fumbling around in my own code going "Ohhhh, so that's what that does." #
  • Forum launched, finally. Registration system partially revamped. Tomorrow I just need to make the email verification DO something. #
  • Now looking for a good cabled hat pattern to go with the Colorado mitts. #
  • I can't believe I've never knit myself a hat. #
  • Thinking maybe a stockinette hat with a horizontal cable band using the cable chart for the mitts. #
  • A double minor on Avery? That was a crock. Even 2 minutes was questionable, but a double minor?? #
  • And also? I'm really hating the new officials' jerseys. Those white stripes are way too wide. #
  • Oh my god. It feels so good to be bitching about hockey again! #
  • This Gilroy could be exactly the defenseman the Rangers have needed since Leetch went crazy. #

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Tweet, Tweet :: 2009-09-16

Published / by Kim
  • We should all email Guinness@consumer-care.net and tell Guinness about 1759 for their 250 year anniversary. I am right now. #
  • Giving them the contact info for Brian Ross. #
  • Too bad there's not an official Guinness Twitter page. #
  • For those of you who can afford to do Boulder, AirTrain has RT flights from LGA to DEN for $198 11/19-11/22. Great price. #
  • That's total, including tax. #

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