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Ten On Tuesday

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This week’s Ten On Tuesday theme is 10 Things You Want But Can’t Afford, but I agree with Carole that this is a depressing theme. We’re kind of broke right now, so I’m trying to think about what we have and not what we don’t. The latter is a great big list, but the former is a pretty big list on its own. Broke or not, we’re pretty fortunate around here, so I don’t want to dwell on material goods* that I lust after.

So instead, I’m following Carole’s lead and going, instead, with a theme of 10 Things You Love About Fall:

  1. The crisp weather and chill breezes. I dream about this all through the summer heat.
  2. The glorious colors.
  3. The whirr of wings as geese fly overhead while taking a walk at dusk. It always makes me stop to watch them fly by.
  4. Samhain, which is my second favorite holiday after Mabon.
  5. Apple picking.
  6. The beginning of soup and stew season.
  7. Autumn veggies like butternut squash and broccoli and brussels sprouts.
  8. Pumpkin picking and carving.
  9. The endless amusement I get watching the cats as the wind blows the leaves around outside and they try to leap at them through the window.
  10. The bginning of knits season.

* The number 1 thing on a list of that theme would actually have been unlimited IVF attempts and number two would have been donor eggs, but the rest would have been material things.


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That’s what I’m feeling right now. Why? Because of this:

Staff of Life

I decided yesterday that I wanted to start baking all of our sandwich bread instead of buying it. While I have a bread machine, I don’t really like the shapes of the loaves it makes, and I hate the little hole the paddle leaves, so I decided that it would need to be baked by hand. It’s been years since I baked bread without a machine, but it turns out that it’s surprisingly like riding a bike.

White bread is always easier than whole wheat, so I decided to start with Susan’s Farmhouse White Sandwich Bread.

Staff of Life

I followed that recipe almost exactly, except that I used melted butter instead of canola. Also, I ended up only making 2 loaves, rather than the 3 in the recipe, because I held out 10 ounces of dough to use as “old dough” in another recipe later on.

Staff of Life

Even with 10 ounces taken out, it was too much dough for only 2 loaves, so they got pretty large! As a result, I think I could have baked them longer. I did add an extra 5 minutes, but they’re probably a smidge underbaked. Still, I bet they’ll taste wonderful.

Which I’m going to find out right now, when I go have a slice.

Fan Kimono

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Finished the sleeves and working on the left front right now. This has been a really fast knit and I’m just loving how it’s turning out. I can’t wait to finish it and wear it.

The yarn is a little brighter than this, more of a bright sky blue, but this is fairly close. I’m using KnitPicks Mainline. I had 22 skeins in my stash, which is more than enough for this project. (Yay for buying sweater quantities of yarn in advance!) It will probably end up using 13 or 14 skeins.

It’s wonderful yarn. 75% cotton and 25% wool, which is wonderful to knit with, unlike 100% cotton. The wool gives the cotton some spring and lightness, which I think will be good for a large project like this. Unfortunately, last time I was on the KnitPicks site, they didn’t have this yarn. I really hope it wasn’t discontinued, because I really love it.

Hopefully there will be a finished object within the next couple of weeks!