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Who’s an evil person?

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I am, that’s who. Who but an evil person could chase this sweet face down the hallway stomping and yelling?

A box! ON the chaise longue!

At 6:45 this morning, the Old Man opened the garage door and pulled his car out into the driveway. The driveway, which is right outside my bedroom windows. He then left the car running for the next 15 minutes while he swept the driveway. I don’t sweep my bathroom as often as he sweeps the damned driveway, and my bathroom gets swept at least twice a day because of all the cat litter.

Finally, I heard him get into the car and pull out, so I snuggled down under my blankets to go back to sleep. As if on cue, as soon as the noise of the car faded, Xena started crying outside the bedroom door. I yelled, “No!” She kept crying. I got up, flung open the door, and firmly said, “No!” She ran down the hall and I got back into bed.

As soon as my eyes closed, she was back at the door, whining again. I got out of bed and yelled “no” again and shooed her down the hall, turned to go back into the bedroom. As soon as my back was turned, she started running up the hall again.

At that point, my evil kicked in.

Yelling “don’t you come up here,” I chased her down the hall, pausing only to turn on the vacuum as I passed it, which really got her running. Then I kicked Joxer’s Fortress of Joxertude – known as a “box” to the rest of the world – down the hall for good measure. Joxer wasn’t in said Fortress of Joxertude at the time, of course. Then I stomped back to the bedroom and tried to go back to sleep, which I did manage for about 30 more minutes.

Fortunately, Xena is very forgiving of evil and was crawling all over me and trying to climb into my pajama pants as soon as I got up and went to pee. So maybe I’m not so evil after all.

Quiet, please!

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Noise is everywhere. around here. Moments of stillness are constantly interrupted. By people, by trucks, by cats, by helicopters, by planes. I can’t take it anymore, and I may snap soon.

Yesterday, I took a work break to spend some time spinning. It was peaceful when I started, and I found the quiet and spinning to be soothing. Not more than 10 minutes into it, a cement truck pulled up outside.It sat outside my house for nearly an hour, idling its very loud engine and running its mixer. Eventually, it simply drove away. It wasn’t even here because it was working nearby. The driver just decided to park here.

If I ever try to sleep in a little bit, the Old Man makes sure I don’t by mowing the lawn, working in the driveway, banging in the basement, or carrying on LOUD conversations with other old men right outside my bedroom window.

Today is one of the days that LGA air traffic is routed over my house, so any period of quiet is puncuated by low-flying planes overhead.

This morning, I opened the living room windows to take advantage of the cool morning breezes and quiet. Within minutes, a fleet of yellow school buses began pulling into the park, all of them loud. Several hours later, some of them are still idling. Above the rumble of their engines I hear a couple hundred screaming children.

Two garbage trucks just went by, taking their time. Stopping, clanging, men shouting.

An orange cat has taken to jumping into our open windows to taunt our herd. Several times a day, I’m startled by the sudden, bloodcurdling screams of our 3 boys yelling at Orange Guy to go away.

Moments when the birdsong managed to break through the cacophony are broken by loud Bronx chicks shrieking, “Ant’ny!!! ANT’NY!!!”

People come from seemingly all over New York City to fight at the tops of their lungs in our park.

I. Can’t. Take. It.

I am going to snap. I am.

I need to get away somewhere quiet. Even only for a day. For a few hours.

Fortunately, I have pottery class this afternoon. The pottery studio is deep in the building, where no outside noise penetrates. There will be nothing but soft voices and the whir of the wheels.

But still, I need to get away for a while. Soon.

Update: And now there is a man with a loud, screechy machine removing a stump from our lawn.

With a name that means nothingness, you’d think they would be cheaper

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Last night, Scott and I finally took our tree down. That’s one of the problems with a faux trees*, I guess: they don’t dry up and turn brown, so you can leave them up all year if you want. In fact, Scott and Alex suggested we do just that. They wanted to leave it up all year and decorate it for each season. I have to admit that this is a somewhat appealing idea, but only to the part of me which is too lazy to take down the tree.

With the tree down, we set to righting the living room. Big changes had to be made to furnitire placement in order to accomodate the tree; changes that left the living room very difficult to navigate. I’m so happy to have open space in here again. And with the setting to rights came the vacuuming of the living room rug, which has only been able to be vacuumed in patches since we put the tree up 4 weeks ago. This is where the problems kicked in.
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