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Bridal Showers As a Full-Contact Sport

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Saturday afternoon, we threw a bridal shower for my very dear friend F. I think it went splendidly, despite a few bumps in the road along the way during the planning*.

F. and I have been friends since I was 6 and she was 7, which is more years ago than I care to remember, but we’re in our third decade of friendship. Crazy, right? Because of our long friendship and because she is so happy with her husband-to-be – a prince finally found after a whole lot of toads – it was really important to me to make sure this day was special for her. And I think it was. She seemed pretty pleased with it all, and I think everyone who attended had a great time. I’m really happy with how it all turned out.

Of course, it really wasn’t a full-contact event. That’s just a joke, but I ended up as injured as if it was one. During food prep Friday night, I nearly severed a fingertip while chopping apples. Just the fleshy pad at the tip of my finger, not the bone, but there were some touch and go moments while Scott and I pondered the emergency room. Eventually, I decided against it, and that’s fine, because I don’t think stitches were necessary. The edges of the cut are even, not ragged, and we got the bleeding stopped pretty quickly** It’s staying closed on its own, too, so that’s good. I was going to get a tetanus shot yesterday, but I got lazy and didn’t, and now I probably won’t. Don’t lecture me. Shush.

Then, on Saturday, my husband decided to drive through Manhattan to the bakery to pick up the cupcakes, instead of taking the Cross Bronx and coming down the west side, which resulted in us sitting in bumper to bumper traffic for 45 minutes. THAT resulted in me getting out of the car and running to Ninth and 37th from Sixth and 40th, then back up to Ninth and 41st, because the bakery moved and I didn’t know, in shoes that were NOT meant for cross-town sprints. So my heels are blistered and hurt, and I’m so grateful right now that I don’t have to wear shoes most days, because that would be ouchy.

But it was all for a good cause, and I’d do it all over again, partially severed fingertip and all, if it meant giving F. a special day.

I should also mention that her future in-laws stepped up to the plate big time and opened their home to us for the shower when we had to change the original plans. It’s a warm and welcoming family F. is marrying into, and I couldn’t be happier for her.

*The surprise was blown early on by a very apologetic grandmother, the bridesmaid at whose home it was supposed to be ended up being put on permanent bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy, etc. You know, normal shower drama! Hopefully getting this out of the way early will ensure an uneventful wedding day.

**Good thing I remember something of my first aid training from 15 years ago!


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That’s what I have for you today. Just: ow.

The aspiration, although it’s the same procedure as the egg retrieval, seems to hurt a lot more. As long as I’m sitting totally still, I don’t have much pain, but as soon as I start moving around, it hurts like crazy.
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Public Service Message

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If you’re making beef stew – or anything involving hot oil – and the Dutch oven has rippling oil in it, don’t PLOP a chunk of stew meat into the pot. That’s dumb. You may think that a tablespoon of oil isn’t very much, but it’s enough to splash. Ask me how I know?

Sunday night, I did exactly that. The oil splashed onto my right forearm and hurt. It didn’t even hurt horribly, but it did hurt. After running cold water on it, I forgot about it. Last night, two nights later, I was getting ready for bed and noticed a grouping of 3 large red ovals with two smaller circles on my right forearm. I also noticed they hurt and that the skin was peeling off of them. At first, I thought I had some awful skin rash and was wracking my brain trying to figure out what it could be. That was when I realized they were burns, because they’re exactly in a splash pattern.

I can’t believe it took me TWO DAYS to notice I was burned. As soon as I did, it started hurting, and still does. The skin is very tender and feels bruised uderneath. How could I have missed that?

Anyway, don’t be dumb like me. Food should be PLACED into hot oil, not dropped.