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I’m going to WEBS!

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Next Saturday. I could swoon just thinking about it. I hope I don’t swoon when I walk through the door.

We’re going to Northampton for a Railroad Earth show on Friday, and our hotel is HALF A MILE from WEBS. Half a mile! That’s a 10 minute walk! We don’t even need to take the car! But we’ll need the car, because I can’t carry as much in my arms as I can in the car.

Okay, I won’t really buy that much. Not too much. But it’s like going to Mecca.

Yeah, rolling two loves into one!

Yeah, company with make up time so Scott doesn’t need to use PTO!

Yeah, mothers who give Ticketmaster gift cards as gifts!

Yeah, credit cards with enough points to get a free hotel night!

Yeah, WEBS!

And to top it all off, then I get to see Railroad Earth again on Saturday in Woodstock. What a weekend! RRE > yarn > RRE!

All these storms we’ll ride together

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I’ve been handling this IVF stuff pretty well, I think. Yeah, there was a breakdown at the end of the first cycle when it didn’t end in pregnancy, but it was a fairly short-lived breakdown and I bounced back pretty quickly.

This current cycle, I’ve been bouncing through pretty well, staying upbeat and keeping my eye focused straight ahead on only the next hurdle – cyst aspiration, start stims, retrieval, etc. – so I was pretty surprised when we walked out the door last night and got in the car, and I immediately felt like crying. I held it together and didn’t, but I felt fragile and vulnerable, both physically and emotionally, all night long. That feeling of being about to start crying went away when we got into the show and I started talking knitting with MamaLo and chatting about Ravelry with Cricket and catching Bruce up on what F is up to these days and dissecting the previous two shows with a whole bunch of other people. I guess I forgot about feeling sad for a while.

Still, when the band started playing, I put Scott in front of me and stuck to him pretty closely, because those fragile and vulnerable feelings were still there. And yet, no one was as shocked as I was when the band broke into Storms and I practically started sobbing. It threw me; I didn’t think that song could affect me that much anymore, especially because I really thought that everything was okay. But, I guess it’s not.

The crying ended when Storms ended, thankfully, though I still spent the rest of the night keeping Scott really close and being a lot more clingy than normal. I guess this IVF thing is getting under my skin more than I realized.

Lazy Sunday

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Ahhhhhh. Yoga pants, t-shirt, velvet sweatshirt… today, that’s dressed. It’s been go-go-go for me since last weekend, between appointments at the clinic, pottery class, and Railroad Earth shows. It’s nice to have a Sunday to just kick back and have nothing to do.

Today, I’m going to knit, watch TV, eat lobster tartlets, drink Prosecco, and just generally be a slug. I hear there’s some kind of big game on later today, but I don’t really know too much about that. I guess it probably has something to do with why RRE kept chanting “Here we go Giants, here we go!” over the past three nights, but I don’t really know what it’s all about. I think I’ll watch Australian cowgirls and catch up on Lost today.

Why This Morning Sucked

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This morning sucked because last night? Last night most assuredly did not suck.

Two nights into a three-night Railroad Earth run at Mexicali Blues and I was totally wiped this morning. Getting up to go to the clinic for bloods and u/s was even worse than I thought it would be, and my ass has been dragging all day. All from sheer lack of sleep and bad late-night eating habits, not from too much drinking.

Still, the past two nights have been absolutely worth it. Scott has a full review of Thursday and last night, both of which pretty much sum up my own thoughts on the shows so far. It’s been an incredible couple of nights of music. I can’t believe we get to do it all over again tonight.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to sleep as late as I can, then get up and hit the couch pretty hard for the rest of the day.