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On Being Pro-Choice & Infertile

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With the March for Women’s Lives less than 2 weeks away, I thought it was time to pull an old post out of the archives (this was originally written about 2 years ago):

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. When people find out that Scott and I have been struggling to have a child for 2 years, most of them immediately assume that I must be anti-choice. Even people who have known me for years, and know my past very strong opinions on a woman’s right to choose, assume that the experience of infertility has caused me to change my views.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, suffering through infertility has made me more staunchly pro-choice than ever.

You see, pro-choice isn’t about being pro-abortion. It’s exactly what it says: pro-choice. I firmly believe that it is each woman’s right to choose when and whether she will have children. In 1989, I attended a huge pro-choice rally in D.C. The thing that most sticks out in my mind from that day is the group of pregnant women and women pushing strollers carrying signs that said “Mothers for Choice.” That is exactly what being pro-choice is all about.

Choice expands far beyond the issue of abortion and covers all areas of women’s reproductive health. From yearly pap tests for all women to birth control to making it mandatory for insurance companies to cover infertility treatments to making sure that abortion remains safe and legal. This is what it means to give women the power to choose.

Even if I’m never able to bear a biological child, my belief in this will not waver.

I’ll be there on April 25th standing up for these rights and making my voice heard. Will you?

Eckerd Pharmacist Refuses to Fill Rape Victim’s Prescription

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A pharmacist in a Texas Eckerd’s refused to fill a prescription for Plan B for a rape victim. She was able to fill the prescription elsewhere, fortunately.

A spokesman for the Florida-based company confirmed that Eckerd has taken disciplinary action in response to an incident at the store.

“Apparently there was a request for a prescription to be filled and the prescription was denied based on a moral or ethical decision made by the pharmacist, and that’s not in accordance with our corporate policy,” said Joan Gallagher, vice president of communications for Largo, Florida-based Eckerd Corp.

I hope the “disciplinary action” included firing his sorry ass.

See You In D.C.!

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I just booked our hotel for the weekend of the March for Women’s Lives, so Scott and I are ready to go. We’re only 4 hours from D.C., so technically we could have driven down early Sunday, but we decided to make a weekend of it. We’ll drive down early Saturday and spend the day seeing the sites in the capital. I’ve never been to the Smithsonian, so that’s definitely something we plan to do.

So… who else is going?

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