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In Praise of Top-Down Socks

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When I started knitting this time around* I told myself I would never knit socks. Why the hell would I ever knit a sock? So fiddly. So silly. Such tiny needles and small yarn. Then I saw a sock pattern – I don’t even remember which one it was anymore – that made me squee, just a little, and my obsession with sock yarn began.

The thing I hated about knitting socks was Kitchener’ing, though, so when I knit my first toe-up sock I vowed never to knit a top-down sock again. Toe-up! Short row heels! That was the way to do things!

But here’s the thing: I knit a pair of Cable Footies for a friend last week and loved knitting them. Partly it was because they’re knit in worsted weight yarn, which makes the knitting so fast and easy. Partly it was because they have cables, and I love me some cable-knitting. But partly it was because Kitchener stitch? Not that hard. It’s no more difficult than the Magic 8 Cast On I use when going toe-up. And that heel flap? I had a lot of fun knitting that heel flap instead of a short row heel.

The best part of this realization is that I have a rekindled interest in knitting socks. It’s like it’s all new again. Finally, all that “sock yarn isn’t stash” yarn is going to be dug out and used for something other than scarves. I see a very colorful next few months.

*I tried knitting on and off multiple times before. This time it just took.

High School BFF Socks

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Now that these have been shipped and delivered, I can share them here. I didn’t want to put the photos up on the blog until their recipient got them!

BFF Socks

(High School) BFF Socks, by Cookie A.
Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino

I knit these for my good friend Cheryl, who was my best friend in high school. We recently got back in touch with each other, which is such a delight. She’s living in Vermont with her two cute little monkeys, and has a kick ass food blog you should be reading.

BFF Socks

I gotta say, I love these socks. The pattern was a pretty fun knit, and KPPPM is one of my favorite yarns. If I’d knit them to a size that would fit my huge feet, I would have been tempted to keep them myself!

BFF Socks

As it is, I may knit up another pair for myself soon.

Austermann Step Socks

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A very basic pair of socks meant to help me practive some new-to-me techniques. They’re just plain old stockinette with a 3×1 ribbing on the leg, done toe-up on two circulars, with a short row heel.

On the sock on the left, you can see the ladders I was getting using the two circs method. On the sock on the right, no ladders! I got some great help from a few Ravelers and was able to get rid of those ladders completely.

The short row heel is still giving me some problems. You see that raised line on the left sock? I can’t figure out how to pick up my wraps to prevent that. Looks like I’ll be practicing this technique more before I get it right.

The yarn is Austermann Step, and it’s a great yarn. It supposedly has aloe vera and jojoba oil in the fibers, which is supposed to stay through 40 washes. I can’t honestly say I can tell that it has those things in it, but I’ll take their word on it. I love how the yarn knit up, and I’m pretty proud of myself for matching the color runs so well on each sock!