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(not so) Plain Jane Sock

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Plain Jain Sock

I plan to knit as many pairs of socks as possible before I go in for surgery. Hospitals suck, but I think handknit socks will help make the suck a little less. (I’m also planning to have Scott bring me Lady E to snuggle up in.)

Because I want to knit quickly, I’m knitting plain, basic socks. But there’s nothing plain about these babies! The yarn is Austermann Step and I’m so in love with how the colors are striping. The sock is just a simple toe-up sock – using Judy’s magic cast-on, which has revolutionized toe-up knitting for me – but that yarn really makes it something special. I just started the leg, which is 3×1 ribbing.

I’m still working out how I like my handknit socks to look and fit, and that toe is a lot pointier than I thought it would be. For the next pair, I’ll cast on more stitches to get rid of the pointy.

Flutterings #16

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I haven’t been blogging much lately, mainly because I’m so overwhelmed by being so far behind in the ABC-Along. Every time I think of something I’d like to write about, I think about the letter H and I freeze. Which is nuts, when you think about it, considering that the ABC-Along is meant to be fun! So I’m going to set aside anxiety over that and try to post more often about other things.

On the knitting front, I was recently struck with a serious case of finish-itis. Yes, that’s finish-itis, not start-itis.Arwen, the hooded scarf, and Scott’s socks are all done. I’m more than half-finished with the crochet border on Lizard Ridge, leaving only the log cabin crazy quilt, which is going to be an ongoing project to use up scraps of worsted. The only thing keeping me from marking things as completed in Ravelry is that I want to get photos of them first.I’ve such a case of fnish-itis that I even just brought my Top Down Raglan Shrug out to the living room to re-knit the sleeves. I’ve never been happy with the straight edge of the bind off and I’ve always wanted to re-knit the cuffs. I added lace cuffs that should have been knitted bottom up and knit them top down, which ruined what should have been a pretty scalloped edge. Since I’m going to re-knit anyway, I may also shorten the sleeves to above the elbow.

Last weekend, my mother and her husband spent the weekend in the city. We saw them on the 4th – and on Sunday, but on City Island – at the Millenium Hilton downtown. They had a suite there and they got Scott and me a room for the night, so we were able to sit in the room and watch the fireworks over the East River. The windows opened a little, so we were even able to hear the booms. It was really a nice way to spend Independence Day.

This weekend, we’ll be in Pittsburgh. We drive out on Friday and home on Sunday.Scott’s mother got married in January in a small ceremony with no reception. This Saturday they’re having what I thought was to be their reception, but they’re calling it a family reunion. Scott and I have never met her husband, and this weekend will be inundated with his entire family, so it should be interesting. It’s strange for Scott, since neither he nor any of his three siblings have children – we’re the only ones who ever really wanted to, and Scott’s the youngest of them all at 45 – but his mother’s new husband has kids and grandkids and great-grandchildren galore.I think Scott’s mother is a little, I don’t know, embarrassed maybe is the word, that she has no grandchildren to show off to her husband’s family. As a result, she’s been asking us about the IVF stuff a lot more frequently lately, even though before the new husband, she changed the subject immediately whenever Scott mentioned any of our plans for adoption or IVF. She never wanted grandchildren and was happy before that none of her kids had children. This is a real turnaround, and Scott and I are her only hope. It’s weird, to say the least.

Undulating Ribs Socks

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Undulating Ribs Socks

Finally finished, and thank goodness.

I hated knitting these socks. Detested them. They were supposed to be my good luck socks for the IVF, because the pattern makes me think of sperm and the color, oranges, represents the sacral chakra.

However, I didn’t get them done in time, and I’m glad, because of all the hate I knitted into them. They would have been bad luck socks, for sure.

Now that they’re done, I like them, but I won’t be knitting this pattern again. Also, they’re a little too big.