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First Full Day of Spring

I love spring days when I can have windows open in the afternoon. Then, when it gets too chilly, you close the windows but the house is still fresh from the sunshine and breezes and then the heat comes on and everything feels right with the world.

Harvesting the End of Winter

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This afternoon I wandered around my tiny yards, both front and back, looking for signs of spring. Although there are still small piles of snow here and there, and although it may snow again tonight or tomorrow, the signs that the wheel is turning to spring are everywhere. In the front yard, the crocuses are poking the first of their dark green foliage out of the ground, noticeable because they’re the only spots of green in otherwise unrelenting brown. In the back, the daffodils are doing the same, but what truly delighted me was discovering the tiny, bright green leaves of the cowslips I planted last year. I worried they wouldn’t come back this year, but it turns out I worried for nothing. I can’t wait to see their graceful yellow flowers blooming this spring.

Two handfuls of Paris market carrots that survived the winter.

Two handfuls of Paris market carrots that survived the winter.

I also rummaged around in the vegetable garden and pulled out two handfuls of Paris market carrots that made it through the winter. Though my larder is kept fully stocked all year long and I don’t have to rely on what I grow in the summer to see me through winter, there’s something about harvesting the end of last year’s garden in the tail end of winter that makes me feel connected to the past. Today I’ll roast these little jewels with some olive oil and sea salt, and celebrate making it through another winter with spring just in sight.

Vernal Equinox

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From my upstairs office I can smell the garlic roasting for the lamb stew I’m making for our Ostara dinner. Soon the scent of garlic will be joined by the aroma of soda bread baking. The kitchen sink is full of color where the carrots, leeks, baby potatoes, and snap peas are drying in a colander waiting to be chopped and go into the pot.

It’s one of those early spring days where you look outside and it’s so bright and sunny and all you want is to throw all the windows wide open. It’s actually quite cold and blustery outside, though, and no windows will be opened today. No windows will be opened for a while, actually, because the weather man is already predicting another storm possibly for early next week.

That’s alright, though, because when I went for my daily walk around the yard, I found these:


I know other people’s crocuses around here have long come and gone. I don’t know why mine waited so long. They’re a tiny miracle that somehow managed to survive the Great Groundhog Bunny Bulb Massacre of 2013. The fact that they chose to bloom and show themselves to me on Ostara isn’t an accident. They chose today to welcome spring along with me.

Blessed Ostara to you all.

(Or happy spring. Either way.)