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I Foresee a Great Battle

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A battle between me and the groundhog. Or rabbits. Or both.

3.1.2013 late winter bulbs

The Great Bulb Planting of 2012 is going to result in very few flowers this spring, I think. There are holes all over my yard where they’ve been dug up and little papery skins are strewn about as silent testimony to the bulb massacre that is happening every day. There are a few stalks sticking up in the back yard, though, so I have hope for some of them to make it through. In the front, it looks like sprouts started growing but they seem to serve mainly as a sign to the groundhog and rabbits showing exactly where to dig. They’re the floral form of a giant neon sign flashing outside my house, a sign that says: Eat at Kim’s. All over the yard I found those tiny sprouts laying in the grass attached to nothing, their food source dug up and eaten by some critter.

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Come On Spring

Just placed a second seed order and an order for plants I didn’t get around to starting indoors early enough. Although I’m working very hard to restrain myself, this is going to be a very ambitious first garden.

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Reasons Why I Am Ready for Winter To Be OVER

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I haven’t done one of these in a very, very long time. Every Tuesday I mean to do it and somehow don’t, but this week is the week!

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Reasons Why I Am Ready for Winter To Be OVER

  1. Garden: I am so ready to start my garden and reap my first harvest.
  2. Deck: I can’t wait to get our deck set up to hang out on again. I have a second rug for it this year, and so many plans. I have PLANS.
  3. Warm: It will be so nice to not have to bundle up from my eyes to my toes just to bring in the trash cans.
  4. Money: Although our heating bills haven’t been as bad as I worried they would be, it will be so nice to be in that period where I don’t need heat or air conditioning.
  5. Circulation: Those spring days when all the windows are open and fresh air breezes through the house are heady and sweet.
  6. Dryness: My skin has been tight and dry and itchy all winter. While I don’t look forward to humid summer days, I am excited for spring with its less dry days.
  7. Shocking: I would really like to turn on a light or touch a cat without being defibrillated. (It’s a word if I make it a word.)
  8. Flowers: I am so excited to see how many of the hundreds of bulbs I planted survived the animals’ winter feedings. I can’t wait to see their colorful blooms dotting my property.
  9. Moonroof: Going for long drives with the roof open and the sunshine streaming into the car… sign me up. Even running errands is nicer with the moonroof open.
  10. Repair: Spring means getting outside to fix and renew things around the outside of the house. It may get old the longer I’m a homeowner, but for now it’s new and exciting.