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Seasons Change (Gonna Happen Every Time)

Published / by Kim / 2 Comments on Seasons Change (Gonna Happen Every Time)

I decided to put up the new Project Spectrum design a day early. That summer/fire design never did it for me and I actually hated visiting my own Web site as a result. I find this one more to my taste.

The photo in the header is one I took last November on a photo walk through Rockefeller Preserve. I’d just gotten my Nikon, and I still love the photos I took that day, even though I was still learning how to use the camera. I thought it was a perfect fit for this phase of Project Spectrum, because not only does it show autumn, but also water and the blue sky. Here’s another shot from that day:

It’s a relief to me to be moving into the autumn phase of Project Spectrum, much as it’s a relief to me to be moving into autumn itself. This has always been my favorite time of year. Scott has a theory that people love best the season in which they were born, and for the two of us, that certainly holds true.

Many people see autumn as a time of endings, but to me this time of year seems so full of promise and hope. Maybe it’s the connotations with back-to-school time that were imbedded so deeply in me as a child, but I think it’s mostly because I see this blaze of glory, this last great party of Mother Nature in a riot of color and harvest, and it makes me think about the wheel of life and how what looks like death leads to new beginnings. (There’s a reason the Pagan year begins on November 1, after all.) All I know for sure is that autumn makes me feel more creative than any other time of year.

Not to mention, it’s the beginning to knits season.

I think this year I’ll do a big feast for Mabon. It’s my favorite hoiday, and I love autumn’s food, with its apples and nuts and pork and wine and yumminess. And now my stomach is rumbling just thinking about it, so I need to get some lunch and start the week’s bread-baking.