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10 Years On

Published / by Kim

10 Years

Exactly ten years ago right now, I was preparing to walk down the aisle and marry the love of my life. Looking back on that day, it seems that there’s no way it could be so long ago, and at the same time I can hardly remember a time when Scott and I weren’t together.

The photo above is one of my favorites from our wedding day, because we’re both laughing and so is Judy, our celebrant. A lot of the wedding photos are like that, actually, and I think that’s a really good representation of our life together. We’re always laughing, the two of us. We can find humor in just about anything, and I think that’s what has kept us together for so long.

10 Years

The second photo is another of my favorites, because I think it represents another theme in our marriage. I remember looking at him in this moment and knowing that we were both thinking, “Holy crap. We did it. We really did it!” Looking at this photo makes me think of all the times we’ve looked at each other and passed a silent “are we really going to do this?” from one to the other. Everything from deciding whether or not to try IVF to spending too much money on a TV or deciding whether or not to adopt two kittens… this is a look that passes between us often, though usually without the shell shock I can see in our faces in this photo.

10 Years

Some people say that marriage is just a piece of paper, and that you can form as deep a commitment without making it legal. I used to be one of those people, but I changed the day I got married. It wasn’t the making it legal part that changed me. It was the standing up in front of everyone we loved and stating our dedication to each other, creating our new family-of-two right there in that moment.

We’ve had more ups than downs over the past ten years, but the thing that got us through the downs was that pledge. There was a time when I know one of us would have walked away if we hadn’t been married, but because we were, we stuck with it and worked through it and came out stronger in the end. Being married saved our relationship, which would have splintered if we didn’t have that bond to fight for.

10 Years

I am so grateful to Scott for the life we share together. Ten years has gone by in the blink of an eye. but lucky me that I get to look forward to another ten, and another and another and another.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but Scott and I wrote our wedding ceremony ourselves. We used some traditional sources and just went from there, making it very much our own. Since I still have it in my old documents, I thought it would be nice to share it today. I think we did a very good job writing a secular wedding ceremony to be performed by a Humanist celebrant while keeping an important Pagan element. It’s pretty long, so it’s after the jump.

Gareth was Scott’s best man, Laurie and Michele my attendants, and Stuart my former step-father.

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9 Years Ago

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9 years ago last night, I met Scott’s family for the first time. The night before my wedding. We’d been together 4 years, and I was just meeting his parents. Meanwhile, he met my family and attended a family wedding when we’d been dating about 15 seconds.

Last night, to celebrate the anniversary of the evening before my marriage, I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning with a sick cat. I’m beginning to think that Goblin has some food sensitivity issues. A big part of it is that he’s a¬†glutton and eats more like a dog than a cat, so if we’re not careful to watch him, he’ll eat his own dinner and Xena’s and Joxer’s, too. The Twins eat very lightly, so there’s always plenty left over for Gobble to gobble. Even still, most times when he overeats, he doesn’t get sick. Once in a while, though, he gets so sick he asplodes. From both ends. For hours. Last night was one of those nights, so I stayed up late to keep an eye on him and clean up everything he expelled and also to make sure someone was around in case a middle of the night trip to the emergency vet was warranted. Scott and I came to the conclusion that this must be brought on by something in his food, so we’re keeping track of what flavor of canned food he gets every night so that we can make sure to not give him that kind again if it results in a cat explosion.

Meanwhile, here I was the night before my wedding anniversary taking care of a sick cat. When we got married, I figured we’d have a 7-year-old by now, and that if there were late nights like last night, it would be because of a sick kid. The gods are laughing at me.

But, infertility aside, the last 9 years have been a mighty fine ride. Oh, we’ve had our ups and downs, like every marriage does, I suspect, but I’m so glad that we’re married and together and in love. I can’t wait to see what the future brings us.

Happy anniversary, monkee.

Whirlwind Weekend

Published / by Kim

This past Saturday, June 14th, I had the great pleasure and honor to stand up for my longest friend* as her maid-of-honor when she married her great love. It was a great privilege for me, and I’m thankful to her for the opportunity, even if I was terrified about giving a speech in front of All Those People at the reception.

As a result of the happy occasion, the weekend flew by in a blinding swirl of silk and flowers. If it seemed to pass that quickly for me, I can’t imagine how fast it seemed for the bride and groom. I think they enjoyed their day immensely, though, and I hope they’re having a smashing time on their honeymoon.

Another great honor for me was that she wore the necklace and earrings I wore when I married Scott, as her “something borrowed.” When we were getting dressed in the hotel, the photographer was taking photos of her dress, laid on the bed, with her jewelry and bouquet. I commented that I chose her jewelry, and then realized that I also pushed very hard for the flowers in the bouquet – purple calla lillies; they were stunning – and I also chose the groom! Well, sort of, anyway; I introduced them. F. then reminded me that I also named one of her cats. I really don’t know what she’d do without me. I think she needs to let me name any kids that come along, too, just to keep up my streak.

*She sometimes comments here as “fm,” so some of you may have noticed her hanging around here. Interestingly, she gets to keep the same initials even though she’s taking her husband’s name. So she’ll still be “fm” when she comments.