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Kim and the Sort of Crappy But Much Better Day

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First off, Scott’s mother is not in a medically induced coma, as it turns out. The information we’ve been getting from family members on the scene has been altered as people put their own take on it and as a certain family member spins it to cause the most feelings of guilt in those who aren’t there. Scott’s brother arrives in Pittsburgh today, so I expect to start getting more accurate information. Or at least less altered information.

We going to drive out on Thursday or Friday now, depending on what his brother says when we speak to him later today.

Second, the shared SSL thing at my Web host has been resolved. I woke up to find an email apologizing for the way it was handled and the news that they renewed the shared SSL certificate for another year. So now I still have to set up a few clients with their own SSL certs, but we have time to do it correctly instead of making it a mad scramble because the sites are down without it.

Third, one of the sites that was going down, which was why all those sites got moved to another server, went down again today. But the good news is that the other sites did not go down with it, and also it seemed to resolve on its own without having to reset IIS. Hopefully that was just an isolated incident, but I’m keeping a close eye on things.

All in all, today is a much better day. A little bad, but mostly it doesn’t suck as thoroughly as yesterday. There’s hope for everything.

G Is for GEnie

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G Is for GEnie, and GemStone

Sometime in 1993 or late 1992, one of my housemates, John, in the Hippie Hut – aka then and now as “the Norwood house” – got onto an online service called GEnie. He wanted to be on GEnie specifically, as opposed to Compuserve or whatever else was around back then, because he wanted to play Battletech and GEnie had it. We’re talking the way early days of online gaming, and GEnie was the place to be. I used to watch over his shoulder when he played and chat with the guys – because they were all guys – he chatted with.

G Is for GEnie, and GemStone

After a while on GEnie, John discovered a text-based RPG call GemStone, and G is definitely for GemStone. It was when he started playing GS that I decided that I really wanted to get online, because I really wanted to play. So sometime in 1994, I rolled up my first GemStone character. Her name was Rhiana and she didn’t last long. Later that year, I rolled up my bard, Warble Singsong – go ahead, make fun of the name – and she still exists to this day.

It was because of Warble and my time in GS that I reached two of the most significant turning points in my life. First was that I met Scott there. It’s kind of funny, because John’s character got married in game, and Kyrion (aka Scott) and Warble were the best man and maid of honor at the wedding. That was where we met, and it still makes me laugh that the real world cliche of a best man and maid of honor getting together took this crazy virtual world twist for me and Scott. Our characters became pretty good friends after that meeting, and we did quite a bit of chatting as Kim and Scott, too. Eventually we met in person and the rest is history.

The second turning point was that it was because of GemStone that I became a Web developer. I made a friend in game who liked me so much that she hired me as her assistant for a gaming site she was launing. She was a mentor to me, teaching me about project management and HTML. Though the Game Grotto – two more G’s – had its plug pulled after just a year or so, that was the beginning of a career path for me.

So I owe my marriage and my work to a game. Hey, that’s another G.

Those 50’s Housewives Were On to Something

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Earlier today, I found myself thinking, “You know, since Scott has been so crazy at work lately, it’s really my responsibility to make sure he has a calm, relaxing environment to come home to.”

And as soon as that thought ended, I thought, “Now where the fuck did that come from? Do I need to turn in my feminist card?

But really, when I think about it more, those perfect 50’s housewives had a good idea. Where it all went wrong was assigning the role of providing a  calm, relaxing home environment according to gender and never allowing that role to change.

It’s not my responsibility as a wife to make sure the house is clean so my husband doesn’t need to come home and do housework. It’s my resonsibility as a partner. It’s part of the give and take that makes a long term relationship work.  And who’s doing the giving and who the taking changes around here pretty often. Right now, Scott’s days at the office are crazy, while mine are much more quiet, but for the last few months, it’s been Scott filling the role of traditional homemaker.

So yeah, right now it is my responsibility to fill that role. Next week that may change. So I won’t be turning in my feminist card after all.

(Semi-)Daily Gratitude #14

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With the way the economy is looking right now, I’m so very grateful that Scott has a job and that I have work. Work for me has been down a bit, because it’s down for my clients, but I have a couple of bread and butter clients who help get me through.

And as for Scott’s job, it appears to be stable, which is a huge relief. The firm has been making cuts here and there, but not many to staffing. They’re even still giving bonuses this year, which is great, because we expected to hear that bonuses were cancelled. The cuts have taken the form of things like no holiday parties, which saved them several million.

So I’m grateful that, even though things are tight, we’re doing alright, which is more than many others can say.