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Antipasto Dinner

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We’ve been doing this a lot lately since the weather warmed up so much. Not having to turn on the stove is a big plus. I change up the elements each time, though I always include olives, prosciutto, and good bread with a fruity olive oil and Celtic sea salt. We pop open a Riesling and sit on the couch to devour the goodness.

C Is for Chocolate

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C Is for Chocolate

My mother’s birthday was the 2nd and I sent her a box of these chocolates. Then Scott happened to see a Vosges store in O’Hare when he was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago so he stopped in to pick up a box so we could try them for ourselves.

Let me just tell you, if you have a chance to try these truffles, do yourself a favor and get them. They’re weird, but delicious.